Amazing Things Happen When You Say Yes

About a year ago, I said yes to a LinkedIn invitation to connect. That’s not a big deal as I accept a lot of LI invites. Little did I know how rewarding and meaningful this connection would turn out to be. And to think I almost missed this opportunity.

At first glance, I didn’t see the benefit of connecting with a young man from Nigeria with an engineering education. After all, what could we possibly have in common? As I started to hit the “x” to decline the invite, something told me to stop and read his profile so I did. Turns out he was interested in the human resources profession. I accepted the invitation and have been thankful ever since.

What started out as a mentor/mentee relationship has turned into a friendship and mutual respect for each other. Ayobami Okediji is starting out in his HR career and soaks up everything he can about the human resource profession. We communicate regularly and Ayobami asks thoughtful questions and is appreciative of my advice (let’s face it, it’s flattering when someone seeks and respects your opinion).  I’m also learning a lot from him. I’m learning about the very different job cultures in our countries, and Ayobami encourages me in my career and with this blog.

Today, I sent Ayobami Steve Browne’s book HR On Purpose: Developing Deliberate People Passion knowing he’ll appreciate and love it as much as I do. And it’s fitting because we both have a passion for HR and this book is all about that. If I had hit the “x” to this LI invite, I would have truly missed out. Think twice before you hit the “x” next time you receive an invite. Amazing things happen when you say yes.

Author: KolormeHR

I'm a baby boomer HR professional from Minneapolis MN.

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