What’s In Your Backpack?

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While I’m generally an upbeat person and look forward to each week with enthusiasm and anticipation, a friend and colleague recently retired and last week was a tough week for me. Thankfully I didn’t have much time to dwell on it, but my heart was a little heavier. I’m happy for her that she can now spend her time how she chooses, but selfishly I miss her being here.

As I stuffed my backpack last night with gym clothes (one is hopeful they’ll get used this week) and other work necessities, I started smiling and my heart was full again. Why? The simple and pure pleasure on my soon-to-be 3-year old grandson’s face this weekend when I bought him a backpack that he picked out. Never mind that the backpack is almost bigger than he is. Never mind that there wasn’t anything yet in it. He proudly showed his new treasure to Grandpa and his brother and sister when we got home from shopping. When he displayed how it looked on him, he was beaming and mentioned the bus thinking he was now ready for the school bus like his brother and sister.

I smiled thinking of what my own backpack represents and that I need to keep it filled with tools that will help me have a fun and successful week at work. Aside from the gym clothes that may or may not get used, I pack my iPhone so I can start my day by seeing what the #hrtribe is up to on social media (makes me wish my train commute was longer). Check them out on twitter and join in on the comraderie and knowledge sharing. It’s refreshing how we celebrate each other’s successes and encourage each other to greater heights. It’s great for the soul my friends. I also check out articles and blogs through sources such as feedly.com. A favorite item in my backpack is a copy of HR On Purpose! by Steve Browne (check out his blog Everyday People at http://sbrownehr.com/). It’s the perfect size and I refer to it frequently because it’s loaded with powerful stories and tips, and reminds me why I love HR. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mentally pack my attitude of gratitude. Gratitude for everyone and everything in my life.We all have tools to help us be successful – it’s up to us to use them wisely.

Every night when I stuff my backpack for work, I will see a beaming face of what that pack represents, and it will remind me of the many tools available to be successful. It will remind me of the important things in life.

Author: KolormeHR

I'm a baby boomer HR professional from Minneapolis MN.

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