Breaking Down Barriers by Walking it Out

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Sometimes you just need to get away from work by yourself to collect your thoughts or to stop yourself from doing or saying something you’ll regret. Walking fits the bill. Sometimes you need to step away from a project to refresh and recharge before going back at it. Walking fits the bill. Sometimes you want to bounce ideas off of others in a casual setting. Walking fits the bill.

We all know that walking (or other means of mobility) offers many physical and mental health benefits. It’s also a great way of breaking down barriers at work. Let me explain.

Like many organizations, we’ve had a robust well-being program at work for several years and employee interest is as strong as ever. Our program offers many ways to earn points and walking is a big one. We offer structured walking groups with walk leaders at various times of day (early morning, two times around lunch, and mid-afternoon). Routes are mapped out and take 30 minutes. Most walks take place in the skyway so we can enjoy walking all year no matter the weather. One walk heads outside when the weather permits (above 40 degrees and not raining or snowing😊).

I’ve been a participant from the get go, and walk at various times that fits with my schedule. Sometimes I get two walks in during the day. Everyone is welcome to join in any of the walks whenever they want. Participants are from various departments and in various roles. Walking has given us opportunities to get to know people we might not otherwise interact with much at work. We talk about everything from the weather, work and our personal lives and interest. We encourage each other and truly enjoy this time together. It strengthens communication at work, and boosts employee morale.

If you don’t already offer this at your organization, I highly recommend it. It’s a low cost/no cost benefit that employees will enjoy. It helps break down barriers. It helps refresh and recharge people. It helps keep people interacting and engaged. Try it – you’ll like it.



Author: KolormeHR

I'm a baby boomer HR professional from Minneapolis MN.

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