Tribute to a Fantastic Boss

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The end of an era. I knew for months it was coming, but now that it’s here, reality is slowly sinking in. My boss for the past 28 years is retiring today. The turnout was fantastic at her retirement party as you would expect after 31 years with the firm. She is leaving a wonderful legacy.

It has been my honor and privilege to work with Diane. She has been a wonderful mentor, friend and boss, giving me tough love when needed along the way. She’s also given me many opportunities for personal and professional growth and I’ll always be grateful to her. She was very supportive of my involvement with local and national board leadership with the Association of Legal Administrators even though it involved significant work and time out of the office. Her support was priceless and I didn’t take it for granted. Not everyone has that.

While I haven’t always agreed with her decisions (and I’m sure she hasn’t always agreed with mine), I always supported her out of respect for her and her position. She deserved nothing less, and I appreciate that I was able to express my opinions candidly with her. Not everyone has that.

Many nice things were said about Diane at her party, and all of them really are true. She treats everyone with respect and courtesy and taught me to always leave people with their dignity, no matter what. She often said that people are a package (I’m sure she was specifically referring to me:), and not all packages are the same of course. She taught me humility through her leadership, always giving credit to others. She has terrific analytical and critical thinking skills, and I learned a lot from her. Diane is truly a class act and has always made me and others feel valued. Not everyone can say that about their boss.

I will forever be grateful to Diane for her leadership, guidance and opportunities. And I will greatly miss her. Happy retirement Diane!


Author: KolormeHR

I'm a baby boomer HR professional from Minneapolis MN.

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